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A Disappointing Brazil at the London 2012 Olympics

Brazil isn’t doing great at the Olympics this year, let’s be honest!

After 12 days of competitions, “Team Brazil” is quite disappointing with its 10 medals: 2 GOLD, 1 SILVER, 7 BRONZE. Not much of an improvement compared to its Beijing Olympics campaign, in 2008, where it picked 15 medals: 3 GOLD, 4 SILVER, 8 BRONZE. Nor compared to Brazil’s Athens Olympics campaign, in 2004, where the largest country of the South Hemisphere ended the Games with only 10 medals: 5 GOLD, 2 SILVER, 3 BRONZE.

Brazil at the 2012 Olympics, after 12 days of competition

Some will say “Well, at least we’ve got 10 medals!”

Alright, you’ve got 10 medals. But how come such a big country (5th largest country in the world), with such a big economy (6th economy in the world), such a big population (205 million inhabitants) and in particular such a young population (26% of Brazilian are less than 14 years old) ends up having so little medals?

Kazakhstan has got 6 GOLD medals so far. Iran and North Korea have both got 4 GOLD medals. Cuba, New Zealand, Belarus all have 3 GOLD medals.

There must be a reason why Brazil doesn’t shine as it should. On the Brazilian TV, before and during the Olympics, broadcasters and sponsors have been telling people that Brazil was going to be great in London this year. But as far as people can see day after day on TV, the promised gold is only shining around the neck of competitors from other nations.

There must be a need for more investments in Sport from the government. Something has to be done for such a great country to show to the world that it is not only good at football. Football should not define Brazil.

Remember who organises the next Olympics in 2016? Brazil!

Come on, wake up, Brazil!

Wake up, Dilma! World Cup 2014, Olympic Games 2016… Don’t just promise things to your people and to the world, make them happen!

“At least, we still have Neymar and the Brazilian football team!”

Yes, Brazil finally reached the Olympic Final after the win against South Korea yesterday evening, at Manchester Old Trafford Stadium.

Brazil plays Mexico, on Saturday, for the GOLD medal the country (5 times World Champion) has never won before. Let’s hope there won’t be another disappointment at the end of that game!

Well, anyway, even with 2 GOLD medals at the Olympics, Brazilian supporters can still party and enjoy some music and dance, as they did yesterday at the end of Brazil vs South Korea, in Manchester!

Enjoy the video!



[This article was first published on J.N. PAQUET’s blog “My New Life… in Brazil”]

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J.N. PAQUET is a children’s author and journalist who lived in France for 20 years, in Britain for 10 years and in Brazil for 3 years. Father of three trilingual children, he has written over 40 children’s books — translated into nine languages — including the highly acclaimed bilingual children’s books series “The Book of The Animals” and “The T-RRIBLE.” Through his books, he aims to promote literacy and bilingualism around the world, promote fun-learning as a positive attitude towards reading and provide inspiration for the next generation of young readers and writers. To learn more about J.N. PAQUET and his works, please visit his website, at: www.jnpaquet.com and follow him on Twitter, at: @jnpaquet Find his books, at: www.jnpaquet-books.com


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