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Tesco And The ‘Best-Before’ Date Dilemma (Updates)

SMA Baby Milk Following the publication of my article on Tesco And The ‘Best-Before’ Date Dilemma,” (article republished on SkyNews Blog) I have decided to keep you fully updated on Tesco’s comments and internal investigation on the out-of-date products a customer had found in her South London store on 17th February.

Update – Feb. 18, 2012:
– No one was available for comment when Tesco was first contacted. Neither Tesco’s Customer Service department nor Philip Clarke, the company’s CEO, might have been working during the weekend after all!

No news from anyone from Tesco’s for nearly a week until…

Update – Feb. 24, 2012:
- Tesco’s Customer Service Executive (talking on behalf of the company’s CEO) finally got in touch with me and asked for Mrs Le Nestour (the customer in my article) to contact them so that they can “look into (her) complaints and do (their) best to bring them to a satisfactory resolution” (i.g. the issues described in the article).

Update Feb. 27, 2012:
- Mrs Le Nestour got in touch with my contact at Tesco’s. She sent the email below to them (I highlighted what I think to be important in her email). [note: the email opens as a PDF document]

Mrs Le Nestour's email to Tesco


Update Feb. 27, 2012 (continuation…):
- Tesco replied to Mrs Le Nestour’s email TODAY, and apologised for the issue of out of date products at their Surrey Quays store, saying they “can understand how upsetting and concerning these must have been for (her).” Even though the CEO’s spokesperson praises the staff who dealt with Mrs Le Nestour’s first complaint about the Lurpack Butter, she totally admits that “the service (she) received from a female member of staff after returning with Yeo Valley yogurts was unacceptable and should have been handled in a more appropriate manner.” The apologies goes on with the most recent issue, the baby milk, where she says she “understands (her) concerns” and guaranties that “the matter has been discussed with (Tesco’s Surrey Quays’) Store Manager, who was equally concerned to learn of this and personally went and checked the stock that was available on the shelves last Thursday” when she received my email about the article. “All of those packets were found to be in date, however as you handed the out of date packet to the customer service desk we are trying to establish how this could have been left on the shelves,” she finally added, before ending her email assuring she will be back in touch with Mrs Le Nestour as soon as she gets more information from the ongoing internal investigation.

Well, let’s wait and see!

Do not hesitate to keep an eye on this page since I will keep updating it as events unfold…



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